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Samudra: Freeze-Dried Oysters (100Gm)

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Samudra Freeze-Dried Oysters are very gently steamed (almost raw) and freeze-dried, this pack will have approximately 100-120 pieces. Please refer to feeding instructions before purchase.

Great source of Zinc and Selenium for dogs
Helps in cases of blood deficiency and cancer (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Good source of trace minerals
High in Omega 3 fatty acids

Saltwater Oysters – Rehydrates to 625gms fresh Oysters.

Store in a cool dry place or keep refrigerated.
Refrigerate once rehydrated.
Reseal the pouch well after opening or transfer to an airtight container.
Use within 90 days of opening the pack.

Small Dogs: 1-2 cut pieces per day.
Medium to Large Dogs: 2-3 cut pieces per day.

*Introduce to the diet gradually in small pieces.
*One oyster can be cut into 2 small pieces, 3-4 pieces after rehydration. 
*Add to the diet at least 2-3 times a week.
*Approximate quantity based on other ingredients in the meal.
*Reseal and store in a cool, dry place or keep refrigerated.
*To be used as a meal enhancer.

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