I came across Georgina’s Kitchen thanks to IG and Chinthana Gopinath and I cannot thank my stars enough! She has been god sent for my baby Boomer. Her tips and advice on improving Boomer’s entire well being has been amazing! She never ever hesitated to focus and help solve issues through food and dietary requirements instead of making our dogs depend on medicines. It is thanks to her that Boomer is healthy today inspite of his condition. His constant stomach illness made her customise the diet accordingly – leading us to discover that he was lacking in his ability of absorbing the nutrients. And finally she was the one who shed light on the possibility of Boomer having EPI, when literally all doctors had little to no knowledge about this condition. I cannot thank her enough for helping me out and responding to all my 6am or late night panic calls about Boomer. She would keep checking on his health and there would be customisation based on his requirements at that time. Her immense knowledge and willing to explain/discuss with me options on what can be done is highly commendable. Going to be nearly 2 Years of subscribing to her services, and hands down I would recommend her to anyone anyday! Your baby will be in safe hands.
Anusha Phukan
I was introduced to the tasty home made dog food by Georgina. recently, we took their masala mix to give it a try. one of our dog s fussy about eating and she has been falling sick often. since last one week, I began adding this masala to cooking, now she stands outside kitchen because it smells so good. ,:)… plates are emptied within seconds and best part is their poop doesn’t stinck either. they are happier and active. thanks Georgina and Pavithra for shipping it to me. it’s a great addition!!!
Meena Dalal
I came across Georgina while looking for a holistic nutritionist for our two dogs. I contacted her over Facebook and scheduled a phone consult since we live in Mumbai. She was extremely helpful and was genuinely concerned about our queries. With her help, we formulated a diet plan for my 2 dogs to help them gain some weight and improve overall gut health. In 2 months of the diet suggested by her, my dogs have reached their goal weight! Also, she suggested so many options that my dogs have a lot of variety in their diet and I am not bored cooking the same thing again and again for them. She is also very patient and is always available to answer questions that I have. I learn something new every time I speak to her! Thanks, Georgina!
Limin Mathew
A must for your dog! Georgina takes personal care of your dog’s diet and is always a go-to person when your dog refuses to eat. my Indie has stopped bloating and her coat is healthier than when she was on pedigree. Highly Recommended!
Khizer Ahmed Sheriff
Georgina has a great understanding of a pet’s nutritional needs and takes the time to listen, understand and customise meals for your pet. She genuinely cares, and that makes all the difference. Mia loves her pre-packaged meals from Georgina – I would highly recommend Georgina’s Kitchen to anyone looking to feed their pet with healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meals!
Sushma Kadoor
Our dog was always a very fussy eater, but things started to change when we started him on Georgina’s food. It is a delight now to watch how he waits for, relishes, and finishes his food in one go. We have been watchful about the weight of our dog, him being at risk of Hip Dysplasia, and are happy to note that his weight is very much under control with Georgina’s food. We’re happy to be able to procure quality food from a trusted source, and would strongly recommend other dog owners to give Georgina’s Kitchen a try.
Ananth Krishnan
I contacted Georgina while looking for a holistic nutritionist for my pack of dogs. The consult was so helpful and the wealth of information shared was an eye-opener. I started the meals from Georgina when one of my dogs fell ill and needed customized meals to improve gut health. There was so much dedication and passion that went into making their meals. In less than 2 months I can see the results in all my dogs – they are calmer, coats are soft and shiny, and they have better immunity. Georgina has been ever so patient in answering all my questions and providing solutions to everything. Thanks so much, Georgina for what you do. You are an inspiration!
Pavithra Sunder
The attention to detail, the quality of food and the fact that my doggo loves it. Rei has never been excited about food time before but Georgina’s magic touch with the food has made her very excited for meals. Two big thumbs up.
Varsha Vasudevan
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