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Gastrointestinal issues have resulted in your dogs’ anal glands becoming blocked and sore so they butt scoot to relieve it. Stoolrite is a unique, nutritious, natural solution that unlike other fibre supplements has a dual effect. First, it is an anti-inflammatory of the gut. Then its high soluble fibre content promotes better gut function and stool formation in your dogs. The two effects combine to relieve your dogs’ anal gland issues or your money back.

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What is StoolRite?

StoolRite is a unique, all-natural solution to anal gland issues in dogs. It is made of an incredible type of sea plant (which exact one is proprietary, and no, it’s not kelp!) that not only acts as an anti-inflammatory in the gut but as it also rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fibres, helps improve gut function and ultimately stool quality. It is this dual function that makes StoolRite the greatest anal-gland reliever on the market (in our opinion…and that of all the people that review the product, in fairness!).

Why has my dog got anal gland problems?

Anal glands are like little zits that sit at 4 and 8 o’clock just inside your dog’s anus. They contain a sticky (and very smelly) greenish-yellow liquid that dogs use to communicate with each other. As a firm stool passes out the anus, it squishes the glands, emitting some of the pheromones.

Blocked anal glands most often result from a dog with gut issues – too much gastrointestinal inflammation (usually from the wrong diet, something we at Dogs First can help you with) coupled with too many soft stools means the glands do not express properly. Instead, they build up. This can soon become uncomfortable and even painful for the dog, which they try to relieve by bottom-scooting across your carpet.

How does Stoolrite help?

As well as being highly nutritious, Seaweed is choc-full of anti-inflammatory compounds, many of them unique to plants under the waves (such as fucoidans), which help to cool off some of the inflammation in the gut. Then the high fibre content of the sea plant used in StoolRite absorbs spare water in the gut, firming up the stools that in turn permit greater expression of the glands. Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite are thought to act as a natural prebiotic, helping to restore microbiota balance, boosting gut health and thus nutrient absorption in dogs.

How do I give StoolRite?

StoolRite is a finely ground, green powder. There is a 2g scoop included. Your dog needs around 2g per 10kg of dog. You sprinkle it on their food (and yes, the vast majority like the taste. In fact, because it works so well, don’t underestimate your dogs’ ability to know what’s good for them. Still, you might build to the required dose slowly over a few meals and mix it well into their food!).

How long will StoolRite take to work?

As the reviews corroborate, we expect StoolRite to relieve your dogs’ anal gland issues in anything from 2-14 days.

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A single, high fibre, sustainably harvested green seaweed (proprietary)

Money-Back Gurantee

When a moment of ill health materialises, we can never be 100% sure what we are about to buy / give is going to fix it. Of course.

However, we are highly confident StoolRite will relieve your dogs anal gland issues. In fact, we have in place a no-quibble money-back guarantee on your purchase. If StoolRite does not relieve your dog’s anal gland issues satisfactorily, you get your money back instantly. It’s as simple as that.

We do this with all of our products that we claim will do a certain thing.

While you don’t hear too many supplement companies doing this, we know it inspires the deserved confidence but, more importantly, I want you to know that I have worked too hard to put my name to something that doesn’t work.