Meal Subscription

Ready meals or plain cooked meat with organs.

We custom make diets based on the age, breed, weight, current diet, health condition and activity levels. We operate from a hygienic home kitchen, using human grade and fresh ingredients. Each client’s diet receives individual attention and changes are made based on response.

It’s never too late to change to a fresh, filler free, meat based diet.

*This service is only available for Bangalore city.

Disclaimer :

  • Ready meals are designed by a holistic canine practitioner. If you would like to avail the “Meat only” option, please remember that the diet has to be completed with other ingredients.
  • Our diets have improved the health of dogs we have worked with but we do not claim to cure health conditions. Please always seek medical help from a professional if your dog has been diagnosed with health complications.
  • Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service based on our business policies.